The Studio MATOUŠ company, founded in 1991, publishes and distributes CDs with classical music. Till present date it has published 79 titles.
We specialize in Czech composers and the majority of our recordings is casted by Czech interpreters and record both current and historical instruments.
In our catalogue you can also find present composers like Miloslav Ištvan, Lukáš Matoušek, Jaroslav Rybář and Milan Slavický,...

Titles named "Authentic" are recorded in historically informed interpretation.
Our recordings were honoured in the Czech Republic and also abroad.

The front-page of booklet shows prints related by their content and date of creation relate to the character of the recording.

Our CDs are sold over the Internet, at concerts of classical music and in selected shops in Prague.

The discs in our catalogue are divided into four series:

  • The basic series MK 00xx is coming from our dramaturgy. 
  • In the "Popular classic" series MK 07xx there are titles made of previously recorded compositions and it contains only simple prints. 
  • The series MK 08xx contains second-hand recordings and dramaturgies. 
  • The special series MK 09xx contains titles which are published by order and which are filed into our distribution on request by customers.

Our company publishes CDs by order, promotional CDs and gift CDs from our catalogue.

Šimon Matoušek - Studio MATOUŠ

Headquarters: Nad Primaskou 25, 100 00 Praha 10
Contact address: U Cihelny 198, 25066 Zdiby - Přemyšlení

Phone: 774 583 694